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Nova Scotia Auctions -- Cape Breton Auctions -- Maritime Canada Auctioneers
Durham, Nova Scotia Ph:  902-485-5968; Cell 396-6072
E-Mail info@pidgeonauctions.com
Available Monday to Saturday inclusive from 8 am to 10 pm
 by appointment or by chance - NOT Sundays or Christmas Day
NOTE: If you would prefer to sell outright (rather than by auction) we purchase complete estates' small lots, collections or individual items--inc paintings, military, old money, gold/silver, jewelry, musical instruments, guns, swords, old toys, tools, old & new furniture, dishes, ornaments, textiles inc quilts/ rugs/woolen blankets/etc, pre-1950 hats/clothing, books, new items, attic/basement/barn contents, etc,

This line does not reach us directly, will not ring into office/residence (messages cannot be left at this number) This line is designed to keep you informed of current auction information--time/place of auction & directions how to get there--call if you are in doubt whether an auction will go on due to weather conditions or to hear a general list of items in current auction--details appx 3 days before auction--call any hour day or night   

Client Feedback

We welcome your feedback and comments!


Some excerpts from letters received:

rec'd E-mail March 17/18:
Just back from the auction which is still in progress.  Just wanted to let you and Verna know we feel we made the right decision in going with an auction to get rid of our excess STUFF.  You guys did an amazing job of moving it all to the site, arranging in a way that made sense  and wringing the best price out of it.  Great job, we are really pleased with the service
Have a good day, Karen & Ken


rec'd E-mail Oct 28/17 from Wheelers:
Hey Donnie and Verna:
Thanks so much for leaving the personal stuff there for us--bringing photos, diaries and letters back with us on the weekend.
You guys are the best.  Thanks.
Hope we can get together sometime down the road for a coffee.
Thanks again, your integrity is first class.

Footnote--these were wonderful people to deal with--all the Wheelers, so again, it was a two-way street. Verna

-rec'd E-mail Aug 22/16 from C.H.:
Hi Verna:
I'm settling in really well here in Calgary.  I'm actually loving it!  So many more opportunities here.
I really want to thank you and Donnie from the bottom of my heart.  You both have been amazing to me the two times I needed you.  I have referred many people to you and always will.
Thanks again for everything.

--rec'd E-mail Thursday 8 am, Nov 26/15 from Dave:
I cannot believe that you get the written list on the site ahead of the photos.  The most important thing that everyone wants to see in the photos.  A list is a list but a picture paints a thousand words!!!--
Reply from Verna:
Thank you for your input.
I really wonder if people are aware that it takes almost one hour on the average to properly edit 23 photos, situate them on the site, transfer, etc (and I refuse to put photos on our site that are chaotic-looking like some businesses do); whereas it takes less than a half hour to type out the entire ad.  Also, it is the ad/list that has to be ready for the advertising deadline in the newspaper first (not the photos).  Furthermore, photos cannot often be taken on location as (understandably) people have everything stacked high when they are getting ready to move and are offended if we try to take photos in that "mess".  Therefore, pictures usually have to wait until after the move.
At Kemptown, it's a community hall and there is a card party running there every Tuesday night, so we cannot start work there until Wednesdays.  Goods were only moved into the hall yesterday afternoon and we worked at the set-up until 10 last night.  Since we arrived home last night, I have spent 5 of those 9.5 hours working with photos.  I do the best I can with the time I have available.  And, yes, sometimes I fall asleep over the computer by 2 am and do not get the photos transferred until early morning.
But the auction isn't scheduled for tonight....it's not until Saturday--two more days before it starts.  I realize people like to plan ahead, but it might be good to take a look from the other side of the fence, too.

--rec'd E-mail recently from Gord Musgrave:
Hi Donnie & Verna--was just reading the feedback on the website, and was moved to send a note. Attended my first auction at Kemptown in Dec, did the Truro one and again last Saturday in Kemptown Thoroughly enjoyed all 3 even though didn't buy much in Truro, and really appreciate the professional way you and your staff conduct yourselves (the kids are great), you guys do a great job and if all buyers keep on their toes, no problems. I saw some of the negative feedback from people who purchased items that were damaged, cracked or didn't work. Well, guess what!  That happened to me also, on Saturday. and guess what - it was because as stated in your replies, I neglected to examine the article properly.  My bed.  People have to realize where they are when bidding, an auction.  It all evens out, made some really great purchases, and a couple not so great (my fault) I am now & will be a regular at your auctions.  Gord

An interesting E-mail rec'd June 6, 2015 from a New Brunswick person who chose not to sign their name, so since they obviously did not want their name mentioned, with respect to them, we will not print it here. 
So sorry but it was not a good experience. Terrible sound system squeezing and squawking.    Honestly nobody minds if you take 5 min to figure it out. Crowd was too noisy couldn't hear anything.  Half of the items the woman didn't even know what they were. Only one person watching for bids meant you undersold on lots of items.  I know you either missed my bid or you just thought my money wasn't good enough. I'll be sure to tell every one I know
-no name given

Auctioneers Notation:  Most business do not publish negative reports.  However, all situations in life are not positive. This e-mail was interesting to us since we received so many positive verbal comments on this particular auction.  Some people thought it was one of the best auction they've ever been at; some people said it was the most fun they've had in years; some really enjoyed the variety and large amount of goods, some commented on the good food & some just plain enjoyed it as a big social event with all the people there.  For those who are not familiar with small town auctions, they do become a social event where people get to know you--it becomes a meeting place and therefore, quite often becomes noisy and does have to be quieted down a bit sometimes.  It is true, there was a slight problem with the sound system yesterday--which was dealt with, but this was the only complaint we had about that.  And something to be noted is that if a person just barely raises their paddle to bid with a large crowd in the hall, it can be missed (remember, it is just one person looking at 200-300 people and so it is necessary to clearly signify your bid).  And, yes, unfortunately, with a big crowd, the odd time an auctioneer may miss a bid if it's not clearly visible. Like often announced, if your bid is not seen, please wave your paddle or call out your bid.  None of us are perfect.   PS:  Jesus was the only perfect One who walked on this earth and they crucified Him, too.

E-mail rec'd Oct 2014:
Hello Verna & Donnie:

I came across your website while I was randomly searching the Internet for storage auctions, government surplus auctions – pretty much any kind of auction, lol. Well, I ended up staying on your site and ignoring all the others. I’ve stayed up way too late tonight, but I was so fascinated I couldn’t stop reading!  I loved your stories (especially the one about the horse Big Jim). And I was very moved by how much you obviously care about everyone who works for and has worked for you. Your warmth and caring comes shining through in your stories and anecdotes. I ended up wishing that when I was growing up in Avondale I would have had a chance to work for you too! I have a great love for old furniture, glass, you name it, and I bet if I would have had a chance to work with you, that would have become my life’s calling too. I know I would have learned so much from you!I’ve heard about “Donnie Pidgeon’s auctions” for so many years, I know my father’s been to them. But I have never had the chance to go to one. I moved away when I was quite young, and well, with the twists and turns life takes, it was just never possible to go to an auction and be able to bid on something without worrying about the cost.
After reading your website though, I am now determined that I am going to get to one
of your auctions, either here in Cape Breton, or up in the Pictou/Antigonish area. I have your website added to my favourites on my computer and I will be watching for upcoming auctions. You know, I’m not the type to sit and just randomly contact people who I don’t know, so that’s the affect your website had on me. I just had to tell you how great I think it is, and how thoroughly entertaining as well.
I wish you both all the very best, and I think you’re so very lucky to be able to work at something you obviously love so much.  Take care, and hope to see you at an auction soon
Audrey (Anderson) Aucoin

E-mail rec'd Sept 2014:
I attended the auction on Saturday for a few hours. It was a large auction and a busy day.
You both deserve Sundays off!  Thanks to all for the very great help you were to us.  We will spread the good word to others.
Pat & Ann O'Neil

E-mail rec'd Aug 2014:
--Prior to leaving for the auction held Aug 2, we had two complaining children who did not want to attend.  We were leaving to attend our first Nova Scotia auction since moving from Manitoba where we regularly attended auctions of all kinds.  Here is a short story of Donnie's interaction with our son which made his day: Benjamin, 10, the reluctant auction attender, arrived at the auction and started to dig into the various boxes sitting on the ground (looking for treasures).  He spotted one which had a small pocket knife, compass, animal call and flashlight.  He immediately told us that he wanted that box and pestered us the entire auction about it.  As things turned out, he had to wait almost the entire day for it to be sold and I was hoping that by some miracle, it wouldn't be bundled with other boxes and sold to someone else.  As things turned out, he got his first bid in at
$5 which was immediately upped and upped by a gentleman standing next to me.  Ben stopped bidding at $15 and was disappointed.  What I didn't realize at the time is that the gentleman next to me was intending to buy the box and then give it to my son. Donnie had other plans.  He was quick to recognize the eagerness of our boy and took time to stop the auction and interact with our son in a way that he will probably never forget.  Donnie took a $10 bill from Ben, put it in the box and proceeded to sell the next item.  While selling the next item, Donnie insisted that Ben assist in stacking about 5 items in a pile.  After that item was sold, he then gave Ben his coveted box (leaving the $10 in the box).  I'm probably not describing the event very clearly but just wanted to say how impressed I was with you folks during this entire auction.  It highlights what we have come to discover in Nova Scotia, having been here just over a year--that the people here are awesome.....from the gentleman bidding Ben up with the intention of giving it to him.....to Donnie and his awareness of an eager child in the crowd (not focusing solely on the amount of money he could make on an item).....to all the folks that helped load my log splitter on the back of my truck.  You folks are quite the people here in this province.  We feel fortunate to have stumbled into Nova Scotia and to have discovered the fantastic people.
Donnie is one of those great folks we have crossed paths with and we will certainly be attending the occasional auction here and there.  Thank you for making our boy's day.  I cannot overstate how impressed we are with what happened at the auction yesterday. 
- Norm

E-mail rec'd May 2013:
Good Morning!
Just wanted to let you know that we received the package on Friday afternoon, just as you said.  We were very pleased with the cheque amount.  We have also been so pleased with the whole process since the first e-mail I sent you.  You have been consistently prompt with your e-mails, you show up with you say you will show up, you were knowledgeable, trustworthy and fun.  It's been a long hard winter for Brian and I but you two made it a lot easier.  I am so glad we chose Pidgeon Auctions!
Many, many thank yous for your kindnesses and your lovely human touch.  You are both very special people and we are so glad we had the chance to cross paths with you.
A million thank yous!  And a hug!
Brian and Catherine, Halifax

Footnote:  It's a two-way street--these folks were great, fun people to work with--some places (like Brian's Mom's home) are so loaded that we spend many days working at the house and get to know the people well!

E-mail rec'd April 2013:
Dear Mr & Mrs Pidgeon: 
I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful flowers I was given as the furthest lady away.  Thanks too for a fantastic auction on Monday.
I will be sure to stop in again the next time I am in Nova Scotia,
God Bless, Carla

(Carla Whytock was here on a trip from South Africa when flowers were given at the Easter Auction to the person from the furthest distance away)

E-mail rec'd Dec 2012:
Dear Verna and Don:
Thank you both so much for wonderful service in taking care of my parent's belongings at your auction.  I appreciate all your hard work and professionalism
My warmest best wishes for you and your family for a blessed and very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year, Regards, Dr. L Wanzel

E-mail rec'd Oct 2012:
Thank you very much for all your help dealing with Betty Eaton's estate items.  You made it easy to deal with a difficult time line and got great results.  We appreciate your help very much.  We hope you have a great year.  The very best, Brenda, Robert, Fred & especially Betty

Letter rec'd Sept 2012:
Dear Verna & Donnie:
Thank you very much.  We received our cheque in today's mail and wanted you to know that we were pleased with the results.  It was a pleasure to do business with you and will certainly recommend your services to our friends.  Wishing you continued success in all your endeavours.  Best regards, Jan & David Hubley

E-mail rec'd fall 2011:
Donnie & Verna:
As you know, last week was my first time at an auction.  I found it exciting, fun and entertaining.  I was so excited over my purchases and that day, when the auction ended, I forgot to say thank you.  Thanks as well for the free items.  I wasn't expecting that.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am now addicted to your auction and will certainly be back.  Can't wait.  Margaret Haggerty

E-mail rec'd in May 2012 re Mrs. Haggerty above:
Hello Verna & Donnie:
I am writing for Margaret Haggerty. She had a bad fall. She is out of Pictou Rehab.  Her leg has healed both from the broken and crushed bones.  She was there 10 weeks.  She got out yesterday and today asked me to take her to an auction before I leave for the States.  She was 95 yesterday.  We will see you on the 24th.  Lots of love from both of us and thanks for being you.
COMMENT:  And, yes folks, she's been back to the auctions several times since then (at 95).

E-mail rec'd 2011:
Hello Verna:
Just want to tell you that we received the cheque and papers, that we both appreciated your great assistance cleaning out thos items that someone else might appreciate.  We do know that it was a lot of small stuff....the kind that must give you lots of headaches!  Many thanks to you and Donnie, Mary Ellen

E-mail rec'd Feb 2011:
Hi Verna,
Thanks for the nice note it was good to hear from you.
Bruce and I found the auction very interesting, but sad. I am amazed at all the work you, Donnie and your workers have to do, to pull one of those auctions off, and that's just what we have witnessed, and does not include behind the scene activities. You are incredible people, I have no idea how you always remain so calm, pleasant, caring, and not to forget, professional. On top of all that, you and Donnie never look or act tired, and I know how late you are up at nights . A nursing colleague of mine who lives in Kemptown, and who often attends the auctions, (she was there the day of mum and dads auction) told me it was nothing to see your vehicle at the hall at 11 o'clock at night. It's that sort of dedication and work ethic that makes for for a successful business. I feel honoured to have made your acquaintance.         
Sincerely, Janice and Bruce

E-mail rec'd May 2011:
Hi:  I came to your auction this past Sat. I was there for a specific item but decided to check out the jewelry while I was waiting.  Unfortunately, the table was crowded the
entire time and I could not view any of it.  I decided to bid anyway, but I was quite far back & again could not view it.  I ended up buying a ring and although it was not expensive, it was expensive for the value of the ring.  There is no silver in it, the stone is cloudy and it is rusty.  For me, the buying and selling business works best with repeat business, which means both parties being happy.  In this instance, this was not the case.  Thank you for your time, Sincerely Catherine

Hello Catherine:  So sorry you were not satisfied.   However, those people who are interested in jewelry mostly realize they have to get there early to view because women love to mill around jewelry, and, if you are there when the doors open, you will surely get an opportunity to view.  Also, Donnie did make that crucial announcement right at the beginning:  "Don't bid if you did not view the item".  That is for a specific reason.  We are not always able to check out every little thing in an auction thoroughly before the sale and therefore everything is sold on a caveat empter basis, ie, "Let the buyer beware".  As Donnie also announced, we will be changing things around so there will be more access to the jewelry for viewing.  We agree that the buying and selling business works best with repeat business which means both parties being happy.  However, that being said, most people who attend auctions realize that an auction is far different than the general retail business....because of the time factor involved and the fact that when an auction is over, that's it.....everything is gone and sales slips are sent off to the accountant.  It is not like a store where things can be returned later.  That also was announced at the beginning of the auction.  Again, we are sorry you were not satisfied and trust this will not discourage you at auction, but, knowing the "other side" , hopefully, you will make the time to view goods before bidding on same in the future.

E-mail rec'd Dec 2010:
Hi there,
I am very impressed with your web site. I was at the last 2 auctions at Kemptown (I bought the highchair) and am enjoying them.  That will last until my daughter finds out about all the stuff I am dragging home. I bought a floor lamp yesterday and must have forgotten to take it. Could I pick it up next Saturday please. Thank you
Anita McKarney

E-mail rec'd Dec 13/2010 (copied exactly as rec'd):
     I wanted to send an email for feedback to you on something that concerns me.  I have been to a number of your auctions and more than once and purchased  items that when i get them home they dont work.  This includes clocks, smallwares and electronics.  I feel that someone should speak up as i dont feel this is reputable thing to do.  I have been to other auctions all over NS and when an item is for sale it has either been tested to see if it works or are told when purchasing it that it has not been tested. (most auctions test and if not working they DONT TRY AND MAKE A BUCK OFF IT!)  This really goes a long way to your reputation.  And things that are broke or chipped show people the marks or cracks when selling it dont hide it by turning it around so you cant see it.
     I now refuse after this past weekend auction to purchase anything else that requires it to work when i get it home.  I know alot of people are feeling this way and i do think it is effecting your business.  Isnt it better to be known for being fair and honest?  Thanks  (No Name Given)

Dear Madam:
     Thank you for your feedback.  We are sorry that you have been disappointed with some of your purchases.  However, you obviously have never been to the start of any of our auctions or at least never listened to the comments at the start.  We constantly announce that you are purchasing items "as is where is" and that it is your responsibility to examine the items before bidding on them.   There is an hour or more "viewing time" before every auction.  That's what "viewing time" means.....that the buyer has time to view the items they are interested in, examine them and plug them in (if electronic) to see exactly how good they are. 
     You very well may have been to other auctions in Nova Scotia, but we'd like to know just one auction firm in the province (or anywheres for that matter) who tested and examined every single item that was for sale to see if it was working or defective in any way before the start of the auction.  The fact is, it is impossible to find the time before an auction to test everything and examine everything thoroughly.  In a very high-priced auction, we attempt to more thoroughly examine the items, but never get a chance to do every single item.  In the average auctions, where some items go for $5.00, it is not possible to do that as the cost of hired help and hall rental for that time expended would override the value. That is why there is always time given before the start of the auction for the buyer to examine anything he/she may wish to bid on.  As for electrical items, there are receptacles all over the halls where things can be plugged in and tried before the auction starts.  We encourage that.  And anything that could be chipped or cracked can be examined by the proposed buyer during the viewing time.  As you will notice, we have people from all walks of life (John & Mary Doe, Doctors, Lawyers, Antique Dealers and so on) examining items before an auction, sometimes with magnifying glasses, metal testers or whatever.  Power to them!  That's wonderful!  That's what the viewing time is for!  If anyone just walks in off the street and buys something at random without examining same, then there can be problems with the item unnoticed to us.  Donnie is constantly saying, "Don't bid on anything you haven't examined".  People know the items at an auction are secondhand for the most part, and they are responsible to examine the items they are bargaining for.     
     Since receiving your complaint, we now realize there are obviously some people out there who never listen to the announcements, so what we will do is have signs printed up and posted to the effect that the buyers are responsible to view the items thoroughly prior to bidding on same.  Between the announcements and the signs, surely everybody will get this clear.
     If, in fact, a lot of people are feeling the same as you are (as you suggest), it's strange that out of some 6700 customers, we have never had such a complaint before.  Yes, some people occasionally mention they purchased something that wasn't working or cracked or chipped, but always agree that they never examined the item before bidding on same, agreed that they knew it was their responsibility, and did not blame us, but regretted their own neglect of examination.
     Sometimes, Donnie will make a joke out of covering a big chunk out of something or elaborating on a crack, but it is always clarified before anyone buys the same.  People at the auctions know that is part of his comedy act.  You will have to admit that anytime you saw him cover a crack or something like that, people were well made aware of the problem before the item was actually sold.  You will also notice that if he, for instance, picks up an item worth $1,000 and knows it is defective, he will probably ask around $5.00 for it.  People know that is for a reason--namely, there is a problem with the item!
     Here might be a good time to point out that if a person gets a really good buy--like a $100 item for $10, they would never think of coming back to the auctioneer and saying they underpaid for it and offer an extra couple bucks, but people are well able to complain when it does not go in their favour, even when it was not the auctioneers' fault, but their own.  We are constantly reminded about "walking a mile in our neighbour's moccasins" (both as the buyer and as the seller).  You see, both Donnie & I have sat in your same seats for several years before ever becoming auctioneers.  We bought and sold in the first part of the '70's.  We know how it feels to get something defective, but we also knew then as well as now that it was our responsibility to examine anything we were interested in bidding on and, as the old auctioneers used to say, "CAVEAT EMPTOR" (LET THE BUYER BEWARE).  We also know how good it feels to get a real bargain!
     You know that we will transfer your e-mail in our feedbacks.  We do wonder why you did not sign your name.  Most people who make a statement are not afraid to give their names if they feel it is legitimate report.  We trust you are not sending a negative feedback on behalf of another auctioneer (or his cohorts) who have been trying to discredit our business for the last two years.
     Our next sale is the Christmas Auction on Saturday, December 18th, 2010.  There are draws for prizes at that auction every hour with a final draw for a $100 gift certificate at the end.  We welcome you to this auction which starts at 11 AM.  Please remember, the viewing starts at 10 AM.   And as Donnie constantly says, "You are the expert--examine anything before you bid on it" 
Verna Pidgeon

July 30/2010: (obviously in response to e-mail of July 29 directly below)
---For all the critics you get, there are dozens of people who look forward to your new listings/auctions & check out the site.  Regularly, pictures are great, e-mails are responded to; and you take care with your unseen client--the Owners.
For anyone to criticize your website for any reason, they should live/work through one of your days or weeks of loading & unloading furniture, taking pictures of furniture, etc., meeting newspaper deadlines, proof reading ads, rushing out to the homes of people who knew 6 months ago that they wanted to send "stuff" to auction but called at midnight & would like everything moved "tomorrow" or possibly the week before they finally phoned you (or possibly the day of a Monday auction); and then to get the website up and running days before the auction...walk a mile in your moccasins!!!!!
Never knock someone else down just to build yourself up.

E-mail Rec'd July 29/2010:
---"Your website is hopeless" - from Heidi Richells, Annapolis Royal

E-mail Rec'd June 2010
---Hello Donnie and Verna,
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your efforts, as well as the superb advertising with accompanying photos for the Canada Day auction-my third time consigning with you folks, and can assure you that I'm going to make this a 'decent' habit!
T. J. Pelchat

Dear Verna:
Your friends are exactly right, you and Donnie have extraordinary vitality and follow through.
We're expecting more snow. The central Atlantic area got hard hit in the past days and the storm seems to be coming our way. Thinking of the sunny climes of California just seems so inviting. I won't be sorry to leave the bitter cold.
I hope all is well with you, and again thanks for such spectacular support during my house sale. I could not have achieved the buyers impossible demands without your help.
All the best to you and Donnie.   Roberta     (Feb 2010)

Mr. and Mrs PIdgeon:
My sincere thank-you to both of your for your generous donation of books, the assistance of your staff member in transporting them to my vehicle, and the spirit in which the donation was made.
Auctions are a new experience for me, ( thanks to a particular new young teacher friend of yours) and I have enjoyed every one I have attended . . .and have purchased a few items as well! I enjoy looking at the items on your webpage, and sharing my adventures and stories with my parents and friends.
Louise and Shirley, avid attendees, are providing tips , stories, and much laughter for my friends Heather and Lilla, as well as myself. People go to your auctions not only for the treasures, but also for the entertainment provided by the banter and the bargaining. I go to see the beautiful quality items that are disappearing in our consumer world, and to admire the workmanship and details.
Joan Porter             (Jan 2010)

Love your auction site.
We enjoyed attending one of your auctions when we were visiting over on PEI this past summer and came over to Nova Scotia for a tour and to go to your auction.
It's nice to see so many great items on your site.
A good auction with this kind of selection and quality is rare out here in Alberta.
Diane and I wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.
Tom & Diane Harrison    (Dec 2009)

Hi folks,
Just a brief note to thank you for your service and results. It is appreciated by us all. Also please thank your staff that had been involved with the Kont Estate Auction.
Thanks again, Peep      (Spring 2009)

Good Morning Verna & Don
    I was just glancing thru your profile and I stopped to read your past employees letters and what has become of them since they left your employ.
     You both must be very proud of the great start in life that you have given these young folks!!  Who knows, without your assistance at a time when they needed it most in their lives, what would have become of them.  They can indeed thank you for the great knowledge you instilled in them. 
     I once heard you say that you had no children by choice and one can certainly understand why when there was a greater plan already slated for you both.  What a great legacy to be able to call yours! 
     Keep up the great work with the youth and continued success in your business!  Compliments of the season to you and yours.
Sincerely yours,
Cheryl Anderson           (December 2007)

Dear Donnie and Verna,
I received the cheque and statement regarding the Sept. 15 auction.
Thank you for all the work you did on this. It was a new, different and difficult experience for me. Your effort and co-operation was much appreciated.
You deserved every cent of the commission that you received. If I were a rich man, I would pay you more. I could see that auctioneering is not an easy way to earn a living.
I took the computer advertising that you kindly forwarded to me and sent copies to a number of friends. People were very interested. I sent one copy to my cousin in Edmonton. He printed copies to give to his brothers.
I can't think of any complaints that I have.
Every good wish, Murray  (October 2007)

Hi Verna and Don - from Isabelle in Vancouver:
I received your package and cheque yesterday. 
Thank you so much for all your work.  I saw the pictures on the website and thought that you did a great job setting things up in the house--very creatively done.  (October 2007)

 Thanx for the many stories you insert into your web site. They are a joy to read. The one about the bedbugs brought back so many memories when we lived in Pictou and I remember everyone pretending that their house never had a bedbug in it . The one about Fleming who went on to discover penicillin was terrific. "What goes around comes around"...great stuff I enjoy reading everything you put on your site.  JR B. F.  (Sept 2007)

Hi There: I have some antique pieces that I would like to dispose of.  I was wondering if you would be interested in including them in one of your auctions.  You auctioned off my mother-in-law, G.H's belongings two years ago (in Cape Breton) and we were so pleased with your service so I thought I would contact
you to see if this is a possibility.
J.L.H. (July 2006)

Hi There:  Hope you're rested up from yesterday.  We really appreciate all your hard work and are satisfied with the prices.  One always hopes for more, but one has to be realistic too!  CM (June 2006)

Thanks for the quick reply, we'll watch the website for up-dates and will see you again soon.  We love your auctions. 
Kim & Andrew  (June 2006)

Pidgeon Auctions;
You folks have a great website.  Lots of great information about your auctions.  Tks.   Jim Martin, Truro (May 2005)

(message on answering service):  Hello Verna.  This is N.  Thank you very much for the cheque.  My wife and I really appreciated all the help you and Donnie have given us.  Thank you very much.  N. (July 2005--resulting from Holiday auction)

-Just found your website; it rocks!  Enjoy your auctions when I am ‘home’ as well.  A particularly nice touch is the brief ‘sketch’ you did on some of your former employee helpers; you show genuine pride in their accomplishments.  Best wishes.  Nancy. (May 2005)

-Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all your work in putting in these pictures. Trish Hattie (Mar 2005)

---Dear Pidgeon Family: 
My husband I along with our little girl attended your auction in Kemptown on Jan 30 and we were very impressed with the young men you had working for you.  They were extremely professional and courteous.  They worked hard throughout the auction and were very helpful and well mannered.  You are very fortunate to have such wonderful employees and they are a credit to your business.  We really enjoyed the auction and plan to attend again.  All the best, Cheryl LeBlanc-Weldon (Feb 2005)

--Hi:  Received our cheque and slips on Tuesday and just wanted to thank you and let you know we enjoyed doing business with you and appreciated your professionalism.  I thought you displayed our things very tastefully and we are pleased with the end result.  I also find your website a wealth of information and plan to keep on using it.  Thanks again and we'll probably see you at another one of your auctions.  Sincerely, Lorrie & Dennis Player  (Jan 2005)

-I just wanted to email you to tell you both how pleased I was with your services as well as your hard work and professionalism. Although I could not stay for the entire auction, what I did see would certainly encourage me to recommend your services to anyone who inquired.   Again, thank you for all your hard work and I hope to see you both again ...Thanks...Bruce & Judy Hennessey   (Nov 2004)

--Dear Don & Sam:  Harry & I have finally arrived on the West Coast.  We both wish to thank you sincerely for all your efforts & care you took for "our" auction.  Your professionalism is greatly appreciated.  Fran & Harry Inder   (Oct  2004)

--Dear Donnie & Verna: 
Thought this note is long overdue....you have never been far from my thoughts.  I would just like to express my heartfelt appreciation for all you did to lighten my burdens.  I couldn't have been more pleased with your kind and caring thoughtfulness, your unending hard work and your attention to every detail in making my auction such a huge success!  I will always remember the times we shared.  I was truly blessed the day we met.  If ever you would like to give my name as a reference please feel free to do so.  My number is 678-297-1196 or e-mail: pamatheson@comcast.net.  Again, thank you for everything, take care of yourselves and may God richly bless you.  Sincerely, Phyllis Matheson   (Oct  2004)

--Donnie & Verna: 
Thank you for everything.
PS:  Verna, my admiration for you has grown immensely watching you!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Ellen Langille     (Aug 2004)

--Dear Donnie & Verna: 
I was going to write this as a "to whom it may concern" type of testimonial, but since I felt that throughout the past month we had become friends, it is much easier for me to write the same thoughts, but in this format.
  When I came home in July to embark on this process of helping Mom and Dad liquidate things and make life more manageable, I knew that having an auction was a necessity & although I used to be in that "wheeling & dealing" world, its been many years & I had the same concerns as any person who was trying to help aged parents raise money & move forward.
  It was a matter of discussion within the family who to approach to help with this project & ultimately the decision was mine and I decided on you folks.  I want to tell you now how pleased and completely satisfied I am with that decision.  From the first auction in Truro, through the junk Auction in the country hall & finishing up with the Collectibles Sale again in Truro, working with you two & your lovely staff was an all around good experience.  Your work ethic is remarkable, your sensitivity, knowledge & ability to make the most for your client are all trademarks of your business.
  I would enlist your services again should I be in a position where I needed to liquidate assets & I would urge anyone I encounter who needs to choose an auction service to choose yours.
  Many thanks on behalf of myself and my folks.
Sincerely, Shaun McLean    (Winter 2004)

--With all our thanks to Verna & Donnie Pidgeon:  We want to put in pen our appreciation for your honesty, integrity & professionalism in the manner in which you handled the auction for the Maxwell Estate.  We appreciate all your hard work & findings which were valuable to us.  We would recommend you to anyone and everyone. Deepest thanks again--R & Judy, R & Glenda

--Don & Verna--hope you know how much your thoughtfulness is appreciated--forever grateful--Mary F.

--Dear Mr. & Mrs. Pidgeon:  I enjoy going to your auctions & try to attend whenever I can, but the purpose of this note is to tell you how impressed I was with the young people you had working with you at the Inverness auction.  The pretty young lady & the young gentlemen looked so smart & tidy.  These young people moved form one position in the hall to another with a great deal of poise & efficiency & they were pleasant & helpful to the people.  I don't know whether they are your sons & daughter, but they are certainly a credit to their family & a professional asset.  We hear so many negative things, I like to acknowledge the positive.  Sincerely, Ardith

--Dear Mr. Pidgeon:  Thank you for the professionalism in the selling of our things in your recent auction.  We appreciate the way you dealt with things & look favourable to seeing your next auction.  N & JC

--Hi Mrs. Pidgeon:  Things went much better at the auction than I expected--I thought $2,000-$3,000.  Thanks so much for a job superbly done.  J.A.F.

--Thank you & Donnie for all the time & effort you put in to make our auction successful.  It was a learning experience to see how much time & effort it takes to put just one auction together--I don't know how you could do two in a week having seen "behind the scenes".  I also appreciate very much the education you both gave me in identifying antiques.  It made the whole experience so much easier & enjoyable.  Thanks again.  R.M.

--Thank you very much for your prompt reply.  I just wanted you to know that I attended at the auction &  was very impressed by the way you & your husband & staff handled things & the prices you received for the Bayer Estate.  Thanks again for your professional service.  Don B.

--Dear Mr & Mrs. Pidgeon:  Have just attended your last two auctions with great pleasure & good purchases.  You both are great entertainment & I say that as a compliment.  The wearing of the fur coats was like English vaudeville & great sport.  Thanks for the fun & best wishes for a Merry Christmas.  John

--Dear Donnie & Verna:  I wanted to e-mail you both to thank you so very much for handling the sale of Dad's Antique Collection.  From what my brother has told me, the process was very well organized & professionally handled.  I was unable to attend the sale that day due to work commitments but I have a copy of the wonderful tribute catalogue that you had produced for the auction.  It will always remain a treasured keepsake of Dad & his enjoyment of collecting antiques.  It has brought back fond memories of those days when I came home for a week-end just in time to accompany Dad to an auction put on by Jack Cunningham & Donnie Pidgeon.  Well, I just wanted to write & thank you both very much for the wonderful handling of the sale of Dad's treasured rare/antique Pictou County collection of "stuff".  Sincerely, C.S.

--Hi Verna:  R. & I were both very impressed with how well the auction was organized & operated yesterday.  Thank you for doing a very fine job.  F.

--We have now been through this exercise on two occasions & as we have a real appreciation of how much effort you folks have put into these auctions--the preliminary preparation, the set-ups, the real show & the accounting; & of course, we have seen two different types--the Scotsburn "on-site" & the Halifax "off-site" situations.  We many have been remiss in acknowledging without gratitude the success of the Scotsburn affair.  Please accept our belated thanks, even if four years late.  Re Halifax, we have to say how impressed we were with the way the whole display had been set up in the hall.  Even though we were in & out during the set-up & the viewing, it all looked great--absolutely great!  From my second experience, Don--you were fantastic!  We have gone though the carbon copies with my Mom before leaving Halifax just for her info.  Was talking to here on the phone the evening after your cheque had been deposited & her comment was to this effect "Well, you made a good choice for an auctioneer"...so there folks!  This was intended to be brief to express appreciation for your interest in our problem, for your hard work & effort & for what we consider a successful exercise.  Having said that, a very sincere "thank you" to you both. 
Sincerely, Keith V.    PS:  If Phyl & I someday decide to vacate the "ruins of Stonehenge", would you be interested in coming that far for an auction?

--I was very pleased with the whole auction & its worth--so pleased that I wrote a 4-page account of the highlights & got them photocopies to send to my friends...After the auction, I was talking with a friend in Sydney--she was out driving & passed here that Saturday afternoon.  She said the cars were lined up on both sides of the road down as far as Dr. MacNeil's.  She said to the ones in the car with her, "God, there must have been one hell of an accident up the road".  Even as late as three weeks later when I was getting my car checked over at a garage half way to Sydney, the garage owner (whom I hardly know) asked me almost as soon as I went in "And how was your auction?"  And then after getting the results, I felt like going through the house again to have another one.  Sincere thanks to you both & your fine helpers.  M. Fraser

--To you both:  The simple kindness that you so willingly have shown is gratefully accepted & much appreciated.  Always a pleasure to do business & enjoy the auctions, your kindness & honesty.  All the best--Ardith

--Dear Don & Verna--just a note to say thank you for the super job you did at the Pictou auction.  The honesty of your employees meant so much to us.  In today's business world, it is hard to find.  Please convey this to your workers.  Both my wife & I feel that Verna is the next "Martha Stewart"--her decorating skills are wonderful.  Again--many thanks, & be assured we would recommend Pidgeon Auctions to anyone.  Sincerely, C.R.S.

--Thank you Verna & Donnie Pidgeon for your honesty, integrity & professionalism in the manner in which you handled the Bayer Estate auction.  We thought that you had gone above & beyond the call of duty to remove some furniture from the 3rd Floor Attic.  It was not possible to take the furniture down the stairs so you were able to lower it out the window.  We were very impressed.  We were also very pleased with the manner in which you recovered the missing violin.  We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that asks.  Frank & Ruby Bayer

--Hi Verna & Donnie--thank you, thank you, for all your hard work on my behalf.  It's such a pleasure to work with you--I sing your praises far & wide.  And I don't know anybody (my artist friends included) who can display things as attractively as Verna can.  You either have it or you don't--and she has it big time.  Best wishes for a busy & successful summer & thanks again.  Patty.

-Hi Donnie & Verna--I just wanted to thank you for your recent auction in Pugwash, which I attended with my sisters.  We had lost our Mom earlier this year & enjoy getting away for the day to an auction when we can.  We were remembering our mother with some tears when at the same moment you said something quite funny & we all burst into laughter.  I said to my sisters, "who needs grief counseling???  It's as therapeutic to come to one of Pidgeons' Auctions!!!"  Thank you for making a country auction a great way to spend a summer Saturday!  L.G.

--Dear Verna & Donnie:  A warm note of thanks to say people like you help make the world brighter by the nice things they do.....once again I would like to say thank you for helping me achieve the settlement of my father's estate.  Without you and your wonderful staff, it would have been very difficult to complete.  You all made a great difference.  Shirley

--Dear Pidgeon Auctions:  I attended the auction in Amherst on Feb 14th.  It was my first time at an auction though I did not admit it when asked.  It was great fun and I purchases some wonderful things.  Sgd.  "A very happy Auction-Goer"....Elizabeth

--I'm enjoying the new, updated website!  Keep up the good work.
Theresa O., Exec. Sec. Women's Institutes of N. S

.--Happened upon your site and congratulations, Verna this must be your handywork.  Donnie isn't this imaginative, by the way how much did he pay for the compliments on the feedback page?  I know Verna's are true.  Have a great day and keep smiling.   All the best, Kathy Redmond

An e-mail from an old member of our staff, Sheldon MacLeod, who at the time of this writing was Junior Pastor at the PAOC Church in Moncton....we now understand he is Director of the Bible College:
"Hi Donnie & Verna:---A website, how times have changed!
 Well, let's see how things have changed with us.  We have three kids now.  Anthony is 6, Christine is 4 and Graeme is a year and a half.  I feel old.
 Theresa is studying to be a teacher and will be done at the end of this year.  She's a busy student, mom, church worker and lots more.
 I'm working on a Master's Degree and working as the Associate in Moncton Church still (7 years now, 1 year longer than I was with you guys, but only half the enjoyment).
 We don't get home much, only a couple of times a year.  I may as well live in Africa.  Oh well, we enjoy the work and our family.
 Periodically I get updates from those around home about you guys.  I hope things are going well for you, I'm sure that you both are still working like crazy.  What else is new?
 Be sure to tell Donnie I think of him often.  He's been more of a father figure & influence on me and my ministry than anyone else has.  He'll be glad to know that I call Anthony "Boy" all the time & have shown him, feed my kids from the drive-thru at McDonald's, drive by houses in Pictou County and say "Did that one", often say "You're not gonna let a woman get away with that" to guys, and make sure to figure out people and church things for what they really are.  All good things he taught me, except for the McDonald's.
 Anyway, a night home with Theresa calls, so I'm going to go.  Have a great summer.  If you are up this way, give us a call--we'd love to hear from you.  Blessings, Sheldon






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